Electric Boats

Hydrodynamic, super efficient electric boats

Epoch Boats has designed high performance electric boat models that are engineered for more efficient operation with electric propulsion. We believe boaters should be able to enjoy a clean, quiet, virtually maintenance-free electric boating experience without compromising speed or performance.

Our boat designs are purpose-built for electric motors to optimize efficiency & performance.

Electric Outboards
Battery Operated
Low Maintenance
Efficient Hull
Hydrofoil Option
Performance Levels
epoch boat underway

Epoch Skiff Series

14-18 foot electric boats

Hull Design
Starting from the ground up, our hydrodynamic hull design leverages the unique properties of electric motors and the distributed nature of batteries to radically change the center of gravity & buoyancy locations on a boat so that we can maximize hull design for speed and range.

Electric Power
Our design offers flexibility with electric powertrain packages to allow boaters to choose how much power they need (battery & motor) based on how they’ll use the boat so they aren’t overpowering or overpaying.

Our advanced hydrofoils option extends the range of an electric motor with 2X efficiency and achieve jaw-dropping speed. The hydrofoil system lifts the boat out of the water at speeds over 30 MPH and then easily stows for trailering, low speeds or navigating shallow water.

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