Electric-Ready Boats

Small boats, dinghy inflatables & kayaks

Want to enjoy the clean, quiet, virtually maintenance-free electric boating experience but need a vessel? Today's electric motors & outboards make going electric easy with small boats, dinghy inflatables or kayaks.

Start your electric boating experience with a boat that can be easily equipped with electric propulsion.

Small Vessel
Lightweight Hull
Transom Mounts

Electric-Ready Boats

small boats, inflatable dinghies and kayaks

Whether you're going electric for the environment, to meet electric-only lake requirements or for the convenience, boaters that choose electric-ready boats & vessels that can be equipped with electric motors can experience benefits on the water, like:

  • no need to carry gas containers
  • less maintenance with no oil changes or winterizing
  • lightweight & easy to carry onto the boat
  • simply run cleaner on the water

Choosing an electric-ready boat that can easily utilize an electric outboard or electric trolling motor - like shallow water jon or skiff style boat, inflatable dinghy or kayak - is a great way to start your electric boating journey.

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