Epoch Boats introduces entry-level hydrofoil electric boat

epoch boats electric skiff

Epoch's eco-friendly and affordable skiff  is designed for an efficient, high performance electric boating experience

Epoch Boats, a new boat company focused on climate technology, is launching the first all-electric skiff style boat that utilizes a cutting-edge hydrofoil hull design along with an electric outboard motor for an efficient, high performance electric boating experience.

The new Epoch Skiff Series features a patent pending hydrofoil system that deploys at speed to lift the boat out of the water, reducing hull drag and allowing it to efficiently “fly over the water” at speeds exceeding 30MPH with a 10hp-15hp equivalent electric motor and 5kWh battery. The hydrofoil hull design extends the speed and efficiency of electric motors by 2X, reducing propulsive power requirements by as much as 75% and alleviating range anxiety commonly associated with electric boating.

Starting at only $35,000, the Epoch Skiff is available in 14-18-foot sizes and 8 different hull colors. Foils deploy to 15” deep at speed in conjunction with the electric outboard motor, and then easily stow back to the hull with a 4” draft for trailering, low speeds or shallow water. It’s built with marine-grade aluminum for durability in shallow water use, while being lightweight enough to allow for smooth take-off and efficient cruising in foil mode.

“Our goal was to develop a more eco-friendly boat that would reduce a boater’s impact on the environment, but we knew that it also had to have the performance and wow factor that today’s boaters want,” says Tom Ward, Epoch co-founder and CEO. “Most electric boats are either too slow or too expensive for the average boater. Epoch’s boats are designed to work efficiently with an electric motor and relatively small battery pack for higher performance, range and speed at a cost comparable to many similarly optioned gas boats.”

Epoch’s all-electric boats operate virtually noise free, require minimal maintenance, reduce fuel costs by as much as 96% and are zero emissions. Customers will benefit from a lower total cost of ownership than traditional ICE boats with an estimated savings of $1,000 per year in fuel and maintenance for the average owner.

“With electric drivetrain technology evolving, fuel prices rising and many waterways going electric-only, we think now is the perfect time for boaters to transition to electric boating,” says Diane Seltzer, Epoch co-founder & CMO. “Epoch’s hydrofoil electric boats are ideal for fishing in shallow water, a high-flying fun day on the lake or even as a yacht tender. We’re providing a fun, clean and affordable electric boating experience like no other.”

Boaters can sign up for the Epoch Boats waitlist now and can expect production availability early summer 2022.

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