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Founders Party Podcast Episode 22: Tom Ward of Epoch Boats on building really cool boats with climate focused impact

As a startup, we’re always looking to tell our story. Why does Epoch Boats exist? What problems do we hope to solve, and what are our goals as a business?

Epoch Boat’s cofounder, Tom Ward, was recently featured on the Founders Party Podcast hosted by Benny Guadarrama. On the Founders Party podcast Benny interviews “rockstar founders about their startups, mission and vision and the journey thus far.”

Benny interviews our cofounder who talks about how Epoch Boats hopes to solve some of the problems boaters face, including:

  • Hassles of boat ownership
  • Costs associated with boating
  • Environmental impacts of boating

We’re launching our first boat aimed at addressing these problems – an electric powered hydrofoil skiff boat that will be low maintenance, high performance and affordable.

Tom explains how our boat has good environmental impact but also passes the “villain test”… meaning its such a cool product that even a villain who doesn’t care about the environment would buy it.

Listen to Founders Party Episode 22 featuring Epoch Boats:

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