a new era in boating

High performance all-electric boats
that are efficient, eco-friendly & fun.

a new era
in boating

all-electric boats
that are efficient,
eco-friendly & fun.

EPOCH /ee · pok/ - the beginning of a distinctive period in the history of something.

A climate-tech company that makes really cool boats.

Epoch Boats is building a new generation of all-electric boats that combines innovative engineering with eco-friendly technology for the performance & wow factor that today's boaters want.

Hydrodynamic hull design extends the speed & efficiency of electric motors by 2X, reducing propulsive power requirements

Engineered for minimal impact on the environment with virtually silent operation and a 99% reduction in local emissions


High-tech boats that are easy to operate, virtually maintenance-free and available with entry-level affordability

Ready to Level Up Your Boating Experience?

Our debut boat – Epoch Skiff Series – is the first skiff style boat designed with foils and electric propulsion.

Epoch's patent pending technology uses a cutting edge foil system in conjunction with any standard mount electric outboard to allow you to efficiently fly over the water at speeds exceeding 30 MPH.
Epoch Skiff Series is available in 14, 16 and 18 foot sizes with a variety of configuration options for use as a fishing vessel, lake boat or yacht tender.

Engineered for Efficiency & Performance

Hydrofoil Hull Design

Reduce drag and achieve jaw-dropping speed with our patent pending foil system that lifts the boat out of the water at speed and then easily stows for trailering, low speeds or shallow water.

Electric Drives

Enjoy quiet, powerful and maintenance-free electric propulsion capable of extended range and 2X efficiency when paired with our hydrodynamic hull design.

Lightweight & Powerful

Our marine-grade aluminum hull is designed for durability in shallow water use, while being lightweight enough to allow for smooth take-off and efficient cruising in foil mode.

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