Really Cool Boats with a Climate Focused Impact

climate focused boats

Epoch Boats is building boats designed with foils & electric propulsion to minimize climate impact while increasing efficiency & performance.

When we founded Epoch Boats, we set out to create a boat company that was focused on a more sustainable way of boating, but could also appeal to the average boater in terms of price and wow factor.

Our founding team has decades of both personal boating and industry experience, but we knew it was important to first take a step back and look at what problems we were hoping to solve.

Boating Problems to Solve

Boating is great, but boat ownership often comes with a lot of problems boaters must face when they get back to the dock after a day on the water. Many of these problems are tied to the type of engine that most boats are equipped with – internal combustion engines (ICE).

ICE boats create many hassles for boat ownership – like engine maintenance, oil changes and winterization. Then there are the hidden costs associated with this ongoing maintenance, along with the rising costs of fuel which is even higher on docks. Boats are also highly inefficient, with fuel efficiencies of less than 2 MPG.

Finally, ICE boats are highly pollutive and have a huge environmental impact. Boats don't have automobile style exhaust systems or catalytic converters. They legally can emit 132x more COx emissions and 164x more NOx and HC emissions than a modern automobile. This is in addition to the visible pollution that they emit such as fuel spills and oil slicks, along with noise pollution. The pollution issues are so bad that many inland lakes are starting to ban ICE boats and go electric only.

Although electric motors are an obvious way to address many of these problems, most electric boats are either too slow or too expensive for the average boater. Also, many existing boats are not designed to work efficiently with an electric motor, limiting performance and range.

A New Generation of Boats

At Epoch Boats we plan to address the issues associated with ownership, costs and environmental impact by building a new generation of boats that combines innovative engineering and eco-friendly technology with the performance & wow factor that today's boaters want.

What does this mean? We’re providing an electric boating experience that directly competes with current ICE offerings by combining our patent pending hydrofoil system with electric propulsion allowing for higher speeds and improved efficiency.

Epoch Boats is building a boat specifically designed to work well with electric motors, eliminating many of the hassles of ownership and environmental impacts.

  • No maintenance
  • No fuel costs
  • No pollution
  • Silent operation

Our first boat is a 14 ft. skiff style boat designed with foils and electric propulsion. Our cutting edge foil system and hydrodynamic hull design is used in conjunction with any standard mount electric outboard. The result is a boat that can fly over the water exceeding 30 MPH!

The hydrodynamic hull design with foils reduces drag, extends the range of an electric motor with 2X efficiency and achieves jaw-dropping speed. Our patent pending foil system lifts the boat out of the water at speed and then easily stows for trailering, low speeds or shallow water.

We’re also using marine-grade aluminum for durability in shallow water use, while being lightweight enough to allow for smooth take-off and efficient cruising in foil mode. As a bonus, aluminum is a more sustainable material than fiberglass.

Finally, we want our boats to be accessible to everyone that wants a high performance electric boating experience. Our entry level skiff is priced comparable to conventional skiffs, making it an affordable option for all boaters - whether you are looking for a skiff, fun performance boat or a tender for your yacht.

Join Our Waitlist

We’re building our first prototype now and will launch with commercial availability spring 2022. Reserve your spot on our waitlist to order an Epoch Boat!

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