electric boat hull design

Electrifying the Recreational Marine Industry: A Hull-istic Approach

Electrification of recreational boating will require designing EV boats from the hull up with a different approach than automotive EVs We are on the precipice of a paradigm shift in the recreational marine industry. Much like how high-performance EV automobiles entered the mainstream about ten years ago, high performance EV boats are about to take...Continue reading

epoch electrification boating

Epoch’s Thoughts on the Electrification of Boating

Answers to common questions about electrification of boating and how Epoch Boat’s hydrofoil electric boat will help speed up consumer demand With advancements in electric propulsion technology, emerging environmental regulations, consumer interest in e-mobility and the rise in fuel costs, now is the time to move toward the electrification of boating. At Epoch, we believe...Continue reading

epoch boats electric skiff

Epoch Boats introduces entry-level hydrofoil electric boat

Epoch's eco-friendly and affordable skiff  is designed for an efficient, high performance electric boating experience Epoch Boats, a new boat company focused on climate technology, is launching the first all-electric skiff style boat that utilizes a cutting-edge hydrofoil hull design along with an electric outboard motor for an efficient, high performance electric boating experience. The...Continue reading

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