Solar Power Boat Products

Harness the power of the sun to extend your time on the water.

Today's boats have a lot of power requirements... with demand from electric motors, electronics, sound systems, stabilizers, electric shades and more.

To help alleviate boater concerns for more power availability on the water, the engineering team behind Epoch Boats is launching a new solar power boat accessory line based on our extensive power usage testing & boater feedback.

With these exciting new solar power products, we're expanding on our mission to enable a more efficient & sustainable boating experience.

Our new multi-functional solar power products make it easy to power up your boat life.

Power Accessories
Charge Batteries
Marine grade
Easy install
solar charging boat

Spend more time fully charged on the water

Introducing a new line of solar power boat products that allow you to tap into the sun's energy to charge up while you're out on your boat for the day, or get continuous charging for your boat at the dock or in storage.

Simultaneously power up on-board devices (like cell phones, handhelds or speakers) while charging your boat's battery systems (like house batteries or electric motor batteries) to better handle the load of power systems.

Our first products will include portable and fixed solar power unit options that are plug & play kits.

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